Victorian Style Nightgown Long Vintage Nightdress Blue

SKU: NG-101-1001-BLUE-14

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Miss Lavish London Victorian Style Nightgowns

Embroidered Lace Trims with square Neckline
Bust Front With 10 functional buttons
Top Front Buttons can be unbuttoned to nurse your baby
Flounces at the hem, complemented for a feminine touch
These Nightgowns can be worn as Casual, Evening Maxi
Lightweight cotton is perfect for warm weather comfort.
Pleating and gathers on front yoke
Sleeveless Nightdresses
Square Neck
100% Cotton sleepwear

Please check below about sizing information.


Size 6 Bust-34 Inches-Waist-28 Inches-Length-49 Inches
Size 8 Bust-36 Inches-Waist-30 Inches-Length-49 Inches
Size 10 Bust-38 Inches-Waist-31 Inches-Length-49 Inches
Size 12 Bust-40 Inches-Waist-32 Inches-Length-49 Inches
Size 14 Bust-42 Inches-Waist-34 Inches-Length-49 Inches
Size 16 Bust-45 Inches-Waist-37 Inches-Length-49 Inches
Size 18 Bust-51 Inches-Waist-43 Inches-Length-49 Inches
Size 20 Bust-53 Inches-Waist-45 Inches-Length-49 Inches

Please Note* All measurements are approximate to a particular size

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