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Collection: Kids Collared Button Down Dresses

12 products
The collared button-down clothing style is created for men and is known as a men’s dress or a business shirt. These dress shirts were designed for only men and boys but by the 1800s the collared button-down or business shirts became popular among women and nowadays collared button-down styled dresses are also available for kids.

Purchase The Latest Kids Collared Button-Down Dresses From Miss Lavish London

Miss Lavish London has in the fashion industry for many years, for which they have been creating and selling an outstanding set of beautifully designed dresses. However, our Kids Collared Button Down Dresses are one of a kind as they come in various prints, colours, designs and style. We create each of the dresses with love and care so that the wearer receives plenty of comforts.

Our products

Under our Kids Collared Button Down Dresses, we have a list of products that come in different designs, patterns and colours. Some of the dresses are mentioned below. 
  • Vintage Style Collared Button-Down Dresses Floral White.
  • Vintage Style Collared Button-Down Dresses Floral Black.
  • Vintage Style Collared Button-Down Dresses Bird Blue.
  • Vintage Style Collared Button-Down Dresses Bird Pink.

All our dresses are carefully created by our professional team of designers and the dresses can be worn as casual wear or any types of events or gatherings.

Why choose us?

Our years of experience in the fashion industry is something that enabled our customers to look up to our products and services. We from Miss Lavish London will deliver each of our customers with tailored-made eye-catching dresses right at their doorstep. For more information on our products and services, please pay a visit to our online store.