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Collection: Kids Peter Pan Collar Dresses

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The Peter Pan collar is a type of clothing collar, which is flat and round. The collar got its name from Maude Adams collar costume in 1905 when she played the role of Peter Pan. Even though similar styles have been worn before that date, but Maude Adams collar costume is very popular in this modern time.

Take A Look At The Kids Peter Pan Collar Dresses From Miss Lavish London

Miss Lavish London is known for its unique and out-of-the-world style of dresses. We have beautiful and colourful Kids Peter Pan Collar Dresses, which comes in various types of styles and prints. All the dresses are lightweight and are suitable for all types of gatherings and celebration. The dresses are considered an ideal choice for the summer seasons. This is because they are pretty much light in weight, floaty and provides plenty of comfort to the wearer. 

Our products

We have a wide range of beautiful peter pan collar dresses for kids, and some of them are already mentioned below.
  • Vintage Style Peter Pan Collar Dresses-Galaxy Red.
  • Vintage Style Peter Pan Collar Dresses-Galaxy Turquoise.
  • Vintage Style Peter Pan Collar Dresses-Floral Black.
  • Vintage Style Peter Pan Collar Dresses-Floral White.

The Kids Peter Pan Collar Dresses are currently the best-selling products and it is loved by all our customers. 

Reasons to choose us

We do not carry just knowledge and experience but we from Miss Lavish London provide products at an affordable price so that it fits within our customers’ budget. We also take the responsibility to ship all our products worldwide. To learn more about us and our shipping service, please visit our store online.