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Collection: Kids Round Neck Dresses

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The round neck or crew neck dresses are a simple and classic style of dresses that are designed for women. Round or crew neck style clothing was invented during 1913 when the US Navy started issuing t-shirts for sailors in the form of an undershirt to cover chest hair. 

The Best Place To Purchase Kids Round Neck Dresses - Miss Lavish London

Miss Lavish London has a complete set of beautiful Kids Round Neck Dresses that carries various types of prints, designs and colours. The little girl dresses that we provide are pretty versatile and is considered to be an excellent choice for everyday wear. They come in multiple patterns and are designed for the summer dresses. The round neck dresses are pretty airy and flowy, which will help the kids to stay cool during the hot summer days.

Our collection

Under our Kids Round Neck Dresses, we have a set of unique, bright colours and floral style dresses that is ideal for kids from age 3 to 12-years. We have listed some of the dresses that are currently popular. Check below.
  • Girls Kids Vintage Style Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Red Dress.
  • Girls Kids Vintage Style Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Turquoise.
  • Girls Kids Vintage Style Audrey Hepburn Galaxy Purple.
  • Girls Kids Vintage Style Audrey Hepburn Floral Black.
  • Girls Kids Vintage Style Audrey Hepburn Floral White.

The round neck dresses for kids are designed and created for all types of occasions and celebrations and comes in a price that will match our customers budget.

Reasons to choose our products and services

We from Miss Lavish London have been providing our services for many years. Due to our outstanding set of products, we are currently one of the most recognised online stores in the market. To know more about our store and our items, please pay a visit to our online store.