Summers are all about the colors, about how you can add on new shades in your wardrobe. With a comfortable year passed by, with plain pyjamas with new year we are set to try out the different colors, colors which are much more adventurous and fun. Pick up bold colors for a party wear and soothing and calm colors if you are looking for just going out casually. Color tell a great deal about you. They bring out your personality and help others understand you better. If you are choosing for a bold color you surely are not afraid to stand out in the crows while if you pick neutral ones you are ready to blend in with the crowd.

With each year you have new set of colors set as trends, try to change your wardrobe accordingly and have a go with them. While some colors can be paired easily others might require effort and a new outlook. Create bold look, fresh look and celebrate the happiness they bring to you. Playing with colors is always fun and when the fashion element gets added it steps up the game.

Bright Yellow hue


With new start to a year, the pan tone Color for this year was predicted to be Bright yellow hue. This one represents gleaming light the brings out the beauty. Go out and shine with the bright primary color. Buy a floral print which matches every color and which adds on a touch and brings smile to your face every time you look yourself in the mirror. This color is meant to evoke optimism and happiness. Adding on to this dress choose black studs or a golden hoop and finish it with some beige-colored footwear. 



The one for the sky. This specific color brings in the feeling of calmness and confidence. It is a positive color. Blue has always been regarded highly and Cerulean blue is no less. In order add a little mix to this fashion style you can preferably add a little grass green clothing to be much more inclined towards nature.An earthy glow to this shade, you will find yourself to be in love this shade.


A dark shade of purple with a tinge of red, this forms a bold and passionate color. With this dress such a color is entirely designed by black. With such a beautiful paisley pattern work and the slits on the side of the dress, it is a very powerful piece. The hint of red brings in passion to the dress. You can pair it with heels and create a look to kill for.Pair it with gold or black you are surely to get a sophisticated outlook.

Green Ash 

Symbolising the nature this pastel color gives in a unique touch to your wardrobe. Such a light shade of green makes you feel pretty. This dress paired along with strapped sandals and other accesosries brings out the best. The design and floral pattern add on to the color well. This color contributes well to the growing trend of outdoor games and sporting activities.It is a color which is truly admired by many. Choose to pair this dress with colors such as black, Gray, white, navy blue and pink.


French Blue


A new shade in town which is all about refreshments. This new showstopper is likely to incline the attention to itself. Easy on the eyes and easy to pair with. A good pair for an evening party gown. With such detailed patterns and prints you would probably pair this color with a simple one stone pendant. This classy beauty suits every personality and style giving you a chance to try your wardrobe skills.



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Every color has some impact on your mood and aura, chose the one which oozes positivity and bright smile. It is the happiness that counts while you are wearing a Miss Lavish London’s product.