The Charm of Vintage Dresses

Do you often feel like you were born in the wrong generation when it comes to clothing and fashion? Do you feel butterflies when you see actresses from the gone years wearing beautiful and cute but elegant dresses? Well, you are not alone, because wearing 'vintage' is the new trend in the town.

Vintage dress for women by miss lavish london.

What is vintage clothing?

Just like the old saying "history repeats itself", the fashion industry has also started to repeat the iconic trends of the previous era and named it vintage.

Vintage clothing is an item of inspirational clothing or garments from a previous era. It can be either a new garment inspired by the style and design of the past decades, like 80's or 90's fashion, or it can be a second-hand garment that is from a previous era within twenty-hundred years ago. In simpler words, vintage is nothing but an old style of clothing.

The charms of wearing vintage

Flower print vintage dress by miss lavish london

"The love for nostalgia" is the main reason (including many others) why more and more people are shifting their interest to vintage dresses nowadays. Wearing vintage is an escape, like watching an old movie and feeling like you are the protagonist of this movie. And who does not want to be the protagonist of a classic movie, right?

Whether you want to feel like an 80's movie star or you have a soft corner in your heart for the history and the antique, you will not be able to escape the charm of vintage fashion as the vintage trend is becoming stronger than ever!

Why should you shop for vintage dresses?

Does your mom complain every time you bring new clothes, saying, "they don't make stuff like before"? If yes, then it's your sign to go vintage dress shopping with your mom and get lost in the feeling of nostalgia and rock those vintage dresses.

Vintage brings out your creativity.

Vintage dresses not only give you a unique appearance but also bring out your creativity. Fashion is always linked with experiment, and to experiment with fashion, you need to be creative. If you have a love for vintage, you can create your style statement while experimenting with cool vintage clothes which will reflect your style.

Dotted print vintage dress by miss lavish london.

Vintage continues the legacy.

Vintage represents "antique" and means something old. Wearing vintage in this era gives you not only a unique style but also continues the legacy of the previous era's fashion. Giving new life to the clothing pieces that have been left behind or abandoned and even extending their life is pretty cool.


Vintage makes you look unique.

Did you buy a dress just because it was trendy at that time? Remember that embarrassing moment when you walked into a party and saw someone wearing the dress almost the same as you? Yeah! We all have pretty much similar encounters. But with the introduction of vintage dresses, say goodbye to the chances of wearing the same dress as someone else. Wearing vintage dresses in addition to the mix of your style ensures that your style will probably never be similar to anyone else's because these attires are exclusive.

Vintage is not always expensive.

Unlike several modern designers or retail dresses, vintage dresses sometimes are comparatively cheaper than other dresses, which allows you to buy as many dresses as you want. The same is the case with the vintage dresses available at Miss Lavish London.


Vintage dresses are a must-have which gives your wardrobe a unique makeover making you look incredible. So stop staring at those modern dresses on your shopping cart and go vintage now! Explore the vast collection of vintage dresses at Miss Lavish London.