Children's fashion is ever-changing, and in this blog we'll take a look at the current styles to look out for – and recommend a few pieces which make a worthy investment for 2019.


Try vintage styles

There's been a return to vintage-style clothing for both adults and children over the last few years, and this relaxed-yet-smart silhouette is perfect for kids who want to stay looking stylish throughout the year. Many of the best vintage children's dresses include beautiful patterns which they'll love.


Choose easy-care fabrics

There's no reason a pretty dress needs to be high-maintenance to keep it looking its best, so opt for easy-care fabrics which can be washed and dried without added hassle. This is particularly important for children's clothes, thanks to the tendency for kids to get a little messy!


Look for small details

Little details on a dress can elevate it beyond simple design choices, so look out for pretty collars and bows to ensure you're getting something truly special.


Opt for versatile dresses

Its much better to invest in an item which can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion, than to buy hundreds of different dresses which can only be worn one way. Buying versatile designs means you'll get much more value for money, and your child will always look and feel their very best.


Our recommendations...

Here are a few of our favourite dresses to try in 2019!


Vintage-style navy button down dress

Perfect for children aged 3-12, this button-down dress is designed in an easy-to-wear style and comes in an ultra-versatile navy blue, perfect for everything from the beach to a birthday party or other special event. The dress is as easy to take care of as it is to wear, and includes a detailed collar. Designed by Miss Lavish London, the item is suited to all seasons and has a stunning butterfly print.


Vintage-style Peter Pan collar dress

Presented in a striking red galaxy print, the design on this dress and the collar detail make sure any girl aged 3-12 will feel smart, but it also offers a great combination of wearability and fun. With a vintage cut which falls just below the knee, the dress can be styled up or down depending on the occasion.


Audrey Hepburn-style bird yellow dress

With a smart belt and simple, clean lines, this dress would make a delightful addition to any girl's wardrobe, and the blue and red bird print stands out colourfully against a yellow backdrop. Best-suited for balmy summer days.