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Many of us are already complaining of never-experienced-before colder temperatures displayed on our weather apps, mockingly poking us to pile up layers over layers. The great news is you don't have to completely overhaul your closet. Even when the weather is this cold, you can use your favorite cozy staples, such as cardigans and even dresses.

Hello, long, stylish garments.

Winter Dresses For Women


Yes, you heard it right: Dresses can be worn in the winter, so don't put them away so hastily.

You don't have to limit yourself to just sweater dresses, either. Minis, midis, maxis, even your beloved LBD - all are welcome. All it takes is to know how to style them amid chilly weather.

But not to worry- many fashion bloggers and style stars have been sneakily adding dresses to their winter wardrobes for years. Here are some of our favorites.


  1. Layering

Casual Dress for women


M Ramy Brook Sharp, Founder of Ramy Brook, says "the key to donning a dress in this colder weather is — wait for it — layering".

Opt for a button-down blouse or turtleneck or stylish maxi dresses from Miss Lavish London. The winter is a great time to wear a leather jacket because it can be worn with your outfit or taken off based on the temperature outside or where you are heading. Simple footwear (sneakers or booties) and minimalist accessories are the way to go with these dresses.


  1. Choose Long Coats Over Cropped Styles


Once temperatures dip below freezing, staying toasty becomes a challenge, so while short tailored coats and puffers are so adorable, Conroy would like to remind you that long outerwear is the key when it comes to donning a dress. "You can stay warm for days in a long wool, fur, or long cashmere coat as there is so much airflow integrated into the garment," she says. "The added fabric keeps out cold chills."


Even in a long dress, the coat surrounds your legs, so the cold is met with a bright stoplight."


  1. Make it look the '80s by Adding Shoulder Pads

Maxi Dress For Women


While there's no doubt that '90s punk never really goes out of fashion, the co-founders of JLUX's Teresa and Christina Jaide tell us they're taking inspiration from the '80s when it comes to styling dresses this winter.

"In the midst of colder weather, we enjoy finding elegant ways to style our favorite dresses and still remain toasty," Christina tells us. "Using shoulder pads is one of our favorite styling tips! This simple trick looks fab with a sweater or knit dresses since they lack shape." You can also style it with an elegant maxi dress by Miss Lavish London.

Teresa recommends covering up your legs to add warmth.

This look is ultimate for the cold weather! Pair it with over-the-knee boots, layer up with a long coat, and you are winter-ready!


  1. Be Tactical About Your Footwear

Dresses with thin fabrics should be styled with ankle boots ranging from 4-6 inches high (as long as you feel comfortable wearing them, of course).

"The added inches of material will save your ankle and legs from the frosty weather and the snow that evasively finds its way into your boot."


  1. With Black Tights

Long dress for women


Wear long dresses with black tights. This is the most obvious trick as you must remember your mother used to match your dress to your tights in Kindergarten.

It is easiest to look great in tights if you choose black for a classic look. If you want to wear other colors, make sure they are still winter colors.

To maintain a neat look, try to match the jacket and dress colors and lengths.

Even though all these tips are great, we advise you to follow your heart when it comes to making a personal fashion statement. You don't have to distrust your style instincts just because you can trust these fashion experts.

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