Hey!! So riddle me this: “It is always overloaded, everything comes toppling down once you open the gates, yet it is never enough when it comes to even a mere casual getaway?” Yes, you guessed it right - a woman’s wardrobe!


Between the endless shopping sprees and the ever-changing fashion trends, the only constant is the question: ” What to wear?” Having the world at your disposal to choose from is a blessing in disguise. As flattering as that may sound, sometimes it gets overwhelming to pick just the right thing. You often end up with a huge pile of clothes you aren’t sure about, those extra exorbitant dresses, those bundles of tees or those random pairs of jeans. In an era where social media plays a major role in current fashion trends, it is so difficult to keep up and so easy to get lost trying to follow the right ones for yourself.


It is essential to have your wardrobe full of things that you can actually wear! There are some basics that will never fail you. A T-shirt that fits you just right or a pair of jeans that hug you in the most comfortable way can make you feel on top of your game. We all have played favorites with our clothes, haven’t we? That is why the concept of the Capsule Wardrobe is so everlasting. We suggest you a few wardrobe essentials that are worth investing in and do not deserve to be thrown out during your next wardrobe cleanse or your rotation of casual wear. You can turn to them time and again even as seasons come and go!


A Relaxed Pair of Denims

Pants and palazzo’s are all cool, but jeans are forever! Once you put them on, there is no going back! The ease and comfort with a very chic yet cool look. Pairing it with your footwear is no trouble either; it goes very well with your pumps or even with your dad sneakers! You have so much to choose from – high waist denims, high-rise loose, straight-legs or balloon denims.


The Layer Game

No closet is complete without an item to layer and play with. You can go wild when it comes to layering your outfit. Tanks and basic black and white tees can do wonders.  Tanks are awesome with their variety of necklines to choose from, whether it is asymmetrical cuts or ultra-thin shoulder straps. We all agree that nothing says cool and casual, like a solid black or white tee paired with denim jeans and sneakers. Pair either of your tees with a blazer, and you are ready to go chic. They can be your go-to buddy; you don’t have to worry about them being out of trend because they are so BASIC-ally awesome!


Essential Accessories



When it comes to accessories, remember less is more. Never overdo it. The right balance of accessories with your clothing can give a very bold and unique look to your attire; it adds life to the outfit. The right kind of scarf with a dress or a statement earring changes the whole look. Wear minimal jewelry and let your outfit speak for itself.


Denim Jackets to the Rescue

These babies have got your back in every way! Be it casual attire or a party look, they have got you covered. An ultimate classic mid-wash blue is perfect to layer with almost everything. They are all-season friendly depending on how you choose to layer them or carry them just to flaunt a faux-layer over your shoulder. They are a great cure to a dull look.


Chic Black Blazer

A great blazer is all you need for your special day. You can always count on it while building your wardrobe. Just make sure it has enough room to be layered with a blouse, tee or even a sweater. It is just right for a day when it feels wrong to wear a heavy coat.


Flats are Not So Flat After All



I say when in doubt, flaunt your flats! We all love those pointy heels, but also, on the inside, our soul rushes towards those comfy flat pumps or cool sneakers. They get you through your daily hustle with comfort and style. They are so easy to pair with and sure do pump up your trend game!


Work to Street- Leggings

Always own a trusty pair that fits you just right. It comes in hand for almost everything - workout, work from home or even for a quick grocery run. They are perfect. You can have them in as many colors as you like; pastels for your casual walks or black for your quick grab.

The Arm Candy – Bags



Your wardrobe is incomplete without bags. A woman can never have enough bags. There are a zillion options - Tote, Clutch, bracelet bags or any other statement bags and even really cool fanny packs to go with your casual-cool look! The right one completes your outfit.


Shirts and More

Shirts never fail you when it comes to styling for a formal event or even a casual meet and greets. One can never have enough of them. There are infinite options available- stripes, solids, slim fit formals – front tie, crop full sleeve blouse. Endless choices in colors make a must-have in your wardrobe.


Well- Dress-ed



There is no occasion where a dress can’t fit in. For a casual look, there is always a skater dress or a T-shirt dress paired with sneakers. To date, there is never saying no to a cute flared dress with ruffled sleeves, and for serious occasions, there are A-line solid dresses. And lastly, a little black dress never hurts no one!

Anything worn with a little confidence and a little style can never go wrong! If you are wondering where to find the latest styles and dresses,

check out Miss Lavish London website and you are good to go!