Social Care

We’re socially conscious fashion manufacturer and online retailer
As on online retailer with a global reach, MIS LAVISH LONDON understands just how important it is to give something back to the people in need and they contribute in our business with great manners.

A retailer of on-trend and vintage fashions, here at MIS LAVISH LONDON we are exceptionally proud of the relationships we’ve built with the individuals that create our wonderful fashion products lines and we always strive to give something back to support the families and local communities that we work so closely with. 

As a socially responsible business, it is our ethos to help our production partners, in order to help make their lives better and to encourage them to develop their skills further. Education
Many of our artisans live in countries where access to education is limited for those from poorer backgrounds. By supplying a regular stream of work to our daily wage workers and giving them a fair price for the goods and daily wages they put their heart and soul into creating our fashion so meaningful, we open up the opportunity for these workers to educate their children which offer them a brighter future with full of possibilities.

Adult education

Our artisans are also given the chance to undertake educational courses for themselves in key subjects, such as reading and writing. This provides them with greater opportunities for the future and re-enforces our commitment to socially conscious and ethical product sourcing.

Skills development and fair pay

With many large corporations taking advantage of their workers by offering poor rates of pay for products, MIS LAVISH LONDON is seeking to start a fair pay revolution for our artisans. We are leading the way by providing fair rates of pay to the individuals that lovingly create all of our products.

Taking things one stage further, we seek to support the individual and their communities by providing skills development training in order to help them learn new techniques, so they can increase the range of products they create.

Knowledge sharing

MIS LAVISH LONDON keeps our craftspeople informed about current market trends and quality expectations, so they can harness their creativity to craft a range of high-fashion products that fit our customer’s needs perfectly. 
This not only allows them to try their creativity with new designs that delight our customers but also ensure regular, fairly paid work to help them support themselves and their families.

Health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our workers is extremely important to us, so we aim to provide practical support and guidance on health and safety at work so that they can enjoy a good working environment free from the risks of accidents or injury.
We also provide help and support on personal health and hygiene to help our artisans to enjoy a life filled with possibilities for a happy and healthy future, so you can rest assured that every product purchased from MIS LAVISH LONDON helps to enhance and improve the lives of their skilled and highly-respected craftspeople.