Dress for Holiday Season

It is the holiday season and the perfect occasion to go on a vacation, but like most of the girls, you are also struggling to decide what clothes to pack to make your holiday fun while looking trendy and stylish? Don't worry; the beautiful go-to dress 'Kaftan' has got your back.

Maxi style dress by miss lavish london.


What is kaftan?

Kaftan is a piece of clothing that is a great combination of fashion and comfort. It is a long, loose-fitting, floaty, one-piece dress having long and wide sleeves. It can also be said that kaftan is a variant of a robe but much more fashionable. Kaftan is a vintage dress, beholding the originality from the middle east and has been worn in several cultures around the world for nearly thousands of years; surprised, right! Well, this is the charm of this beautiful and elegant garment that, despite its vintage appeal, it never falls out of trend. Because of its design, it is loved by all. It feels so light and comfortable that it makes you feel like you are wearing air!


Kaftan Types

 Ankles length kaftan dress by miss lavish london.

Kaftans are made from light fabric that is perfect for vacation vibes. It comes in different beautiful colours, patterns, shades and shapes, which make it even easier for you to choose one for your style. If you don't find the description of a typical kaftan appealing for your unique style, then there is nothing to worry about because it comes in various types.

Kaftans can be long, as the length of the dress always touch your ankles and have an Afrocentric design, whereas short kaftans are more like loose cute tops that you can pair with jeans or leggings, or you can just show off your beautiful legs as you prefer. Not only this, kaftans can have an open style too, which is open at the front, unlike the traditional kaftan, which is completely closed in front. You can wear these kaftans as an overcoat or as cover-ups for your other outfits.

The original wear is made loose, which hangs around your body in a floaty style, but there is even an option for a fitted design kaftan where the fabric is narrow around the waist which will hug your waist beautifully, giving your body that hour-glass appearance and flatter your figure even more.

Some kaftans come with dual lengths where they will be of short length on the front but of long length on the back, making a wavy appearance on the sides as it connects the front and the back.

Not only dual length, but it is also available in dual-layer. It has a solid inner layer covered by a transparent outer layer which gives the dress an exquisite and exotic design.

How to style?

 Vintage kaftan dress by miss lavish london.

I'm sure you now know everything about kaftans and are very excited to add this vintage garment to your shopping list for your holiday trip. But then you might think, "how do I style it?" Right?


Thank God! There are so many different types and styles of kaftan to choose from, especially at Miss Lavish London. You can wear a light colour long or dual length wavy kaftan with a big hat paired with flats, and you are ready for your beach party. You can also wear open kaftans with a short length as a cover-up for your bikini.

.Women kaftan tops dress by miss lavish london.


Wearing the long kaftan on a slightly windy summer day will make everyone turn their heads towards you, as the wind will create a beautiful wavy silhouette that will catch everyone's attention. You can pair your short kaftan with a pair of tights or solid colour fitted jeans too, while open kaftans can be used as a shrug over a crop top and a pair of jeans to give you that cheerful vibes.




Kaftans are not only a must-have and a perfect fit for every woman of any body type but also very pocket friendly. So if you want to enjoy your vacation without worrying about your outfit and style, then kaftans are a must-have.