Here it was and here it will be! Fashion is cyclical. That is one of the fun bits about trends in fashion. It is an infinity loop. The dress your grandmother wore in yesteryear can be the dress you spotted yesterday. Designers always try to reinvent for every season, cherry-picking the motifs and prints to bring them under today’s spotlight. There are so many fashion trends that have come and gone but vintage never goes away. The bell bottoms made a comeback so did those high waist jeans alongside puffed shoulder front knotted blouses. Some of these chic outfits of today have been a classic in their own era.

It goes without saying: “old is gold”. Since vintage items are iconic and sometimes under a label, they become a huge investment. You can definitely give thrift shops and flea markets a shot or even online. But if you are looking for vintage clothing that is both unique and iconic, the internet would be an unbeatable shot. Online purchasing of vintage clothes is very much a thing! If you wish to shop sitting on your couch, Miss Lavish London should be your one-stop-shop. It has got it all under one click. Those amazing kaftans for a brunch or a dress for your date, a little something for your little girls, and your essential face masks! Here are a few suggestions to add more oomph to your shopping carts!


Vintage Dresses


Never say never to a dress! If it is vintage, don’t even think twice. They are here to stay. They never go out of style and they can be your go-to dress for a lot of occasions; running into someone for a casual date or meeting a friend. When it comes to picking out vintage dresses, Miss Lavish London has multiple options to pick from, not only for you but also for your little girlies. It has a collection of beautiful floral prints, unique cosmic, and good old polka dots. Picking just one is not easy! 


 Vintage Dresses


When in Doubt, Go for the Kaftans!

There cannot be a better decision made than buying a kaftan when thinking of leisure. This easy-going outfit is a must-have! It can be your top pick for both festive and lounge wear. Kaftans have always been designers’ favorite; the outfit comes with its own playfield. Pick a basic one and layer it with minimal jewelry or pick one from a darker shade with jewel-toned embroidery for a festive look. Miss Lavish London is stocked with vibrant colors and unique prints. Unleash the stylist in you and shop bold!



Comfortably Fashionable


Who says your nightwear can’t be both comfortable and in style. Nightwear doesn’t need to be sloppy in order to be comfortable. The very elegant collection of Victorian nightgowns at Miss Lavish London is a sure thing to buy. The soothing pastels colors enrich the outfit.

 Women's Fashion


Not So Casual


We all have our reliable dresses; something we know is going to work out for us always! Some events are too casual for over-the-top dresses but too fancy for a tee and flip-flops. Dresses and tops here are a savior! Miss Lavish London is way ahead of the usual tops and dresses. It has an explicit collection of Boho and tops and tunics. The quest doesn’t end here. The diverse selections of Boho Maxi Dresses are irresistible!

Casual Dress


We have all wanted a section of our wardrobes to be dedicated to everything vintage. Miss Lavish London’s selection of vintage clothing is all you need to quench your thirst for your very own vintage apparel. Vintage outfits are never out of style for many reasons but their longer durability is one of them. They are designed to last through all seasons credited to their premium material quality. You need not wonder about styling your outfits because the collection here is vintage but contemporary in fashion. A good pair of heels for your dresses and minimal jewelry can never go wrong with a bag of your choice.


Happy shopping! Miss Lavish London