When you talk about summer you cannot simply miss out the kaftans. The go to dresses for summer which is lightweight and is a great pair to create outfits with. They are originated from Africa therefore you need not worry about the material. Available in variety of color, prints and patterns, they not only make you look trendy but the soft polyester feels cool against your skin too.

There are many types of kaftan available. When you purchase such fashionable item, you need to make sure the chosen kaftan matches the outfit you have planned in mind. They come in long, short, dual layer, open, fitted and in V-necks. 

Wear it for your church days, lounging in your garden or you can even nail it as a formal look with the right statement jewellery. The way you accessorize such garments will bring out the result you want.

If you want to own a trendy and vintage styled kaftan, if you are looking at exploring your options in kaftans you might want to head towards the leading fashion clothing brand, Miss Lavish London.They allow you to easily navigate through its options and make your experience worthwhile. They are an online retail store. The one which guarantees you a high-end quality and keeps you comfortable throughout. In addition to all these they even give out the feature of custom-tailor, you can find your exact fit right here.

Kaftan Tunic Kimono Dress Ladies Maxi Caftans Teal - 102


The one with the V-neck, this garment is takes after the kimono, traditional Japanese garment. With the paisley pattern this look can be accessorized with belts, a hat and heels. You can even pair it with a soft and delicate pendant which would surely complement the look.

Kaftan Hand Embroidered Caftans Kimono Summer Maxi Dress 139-Black


A simple translucent kaftan which you will useful when you are wearing a swimsuit and having a day by the beach. This material will keep you cool and will ensure that you achieve the look of glam. Comfort and Style both are covered by this kaftan. The loose cloth allows air to pass through.

Stonework and Hand Embroidered Kaftans Brown


With the slits at the right place, you can completely turn the outlook of a dress. Pair this one with wedges and dangler earrings. The fine embroidery will highlight the entire look. Available in 3 different colors and 3 different necklines you got a fine choice for options. Get nude or black swimsuit to wear under these kaftans.

Women's Kaftans Plus Size Loungewear Long Maxi Style Dress [151-Teal]


Florals has always been in trend whether it’s a short dress, a saree or kaftans. They never go out of trend. However, the size of the print matters, with this small pattern present over this kaftan you can easily target the attention of others. With such dress you can easily create a look. You can wear it as an outer layer, add a pair of slim fit trousers and stilettos to complete this look.


Kaftan Tunic Kimono Dress Ladies Maxi Caftans

Yet another one with the floral pattern. The border highlighting the dress, the slit and the color gives a bold look to the dress. It can be worn as an evening gown for parties and you can achieve great number of looks with it. Add on bracelets, hoops, and gold-plated rings. This silky and V-neck kaftan is just the one for strappy sandals.


Ethnic Inspired Prints Women's Kaftan Dresses - One Size (P414)



This one is much suited for a lounge wear. You can put this on a regular basis and get moving. With this retro patterned print, you are sure to find comfort. The belt allows it a better fit and the sleeves gives you better room to breathe. You pin up your hair or let it down it suits both beautifully. Given a choice you should pair it with flats, they are much easier to walk in and are a great pair when you are off to work. With these dresses running for errand is never a problem.


With such vintage clothing available you will find your liking just here. Whether it’s for a walk by the pool, lying, working or attending a formal event. You must at least one pair of kaftans, they are a must fashion trend which you must enumerate in your wardrobe.Patterns and embellishments would surely do your wardrobe a fair justice. They are the most versatile pair of clothing.

 Pair it with chokers, heels, wedges and many other accessories to glam up your look according to the occasion. Use it as an outer cover or go all plain, it’s up to you to decide. Buy these kaftans and have a happy laying around.