Fashion is always changing at a fast pace there is no stopping or blocking the creative minds. A form of art, an art which allows you to understand other people’s personality. It is how people express and make their own statement.

It is subjective in nature but one thing is sure that fashion is about creativity and style. You want to follow fashion trends? You need to take into account how these trends work and how you can best do justice to each one of them.

From Pastel Bucket hats to Square toed heels the journey of fashion is being carried forward.

With 2020 gone its time to take a leap forward and start with the trends again. Trend set up by professional stylists which is easy to achieve and glamouring to look at.




Sexy and mystery both are the underlying definition of fashion. They define it. Sheer is that piece of clothing which is semi-transparent, giving the person a sexy look through the fabric. It is very much in trend. It is not only worn by the beach but also on regular functioning areas.This trend is to appreciate such beauty and style. It allows you to escape the scorching heat and also get creative.


Boho girl vibes




This trend is all about colors. With this kaftan which is printed thoroughly and embellished too can create a great boho touch. If paired with gold embellished flat sandals, small pieces of wood jewellery and a fringed handbag to carry with you can achieve the perfect look.  A flair of accessories and a retro patterned gown can surely bring out the best.


All-Over Prints



A design which is repeated all over and over again has made its way to the trends too. This repetition of prints covers the entire garment. These prints never peel off and there is no match to the intensity of colors. You can pair it with silve plated jewellery, add a waist string and create a flowy look for your skirt.


Layer, layer, layer


You need to be clear when it comes to putting on layers, Combination of colors is very important. You cannot make the entire look a bright one. You need to compensate and neutralise the colors well. If in case you are putting on something catchy put over a coat or a blazer to support the look. In this case here, you can pair this dress with a yellow colored over coat which makes it look catchier. A bright and a dull pair that’s how the combination should flow. Avoid choosing a blazer which has patterns, a simple one would do justice to this outfit. Mixing of patterns and prints may not be the solution.


Bubble-gum Pink


 While some may associate pink as a nice playful color some may think of it as outspoken and bold. You can pair it well with colors such as red, orange and yellow. You can pair this color sensitivity with other to increase its beauty. You would not want to overlook this color. It is that fun pop color which can be added without disrupting the look of the entire outfit. You can either choose it to be a dress or a small accessory or a bag. Pink may apparently turn out to be the color of the year with its growing acceptance and usage in every other outfit.


Going extra large



It is no new news that baggy clothes have been in town for a while. While some may prefer tight fitting, clothes preferences have been given to over sized pairs too. With the past year everyone has grown to be comfortable with wearing a size larger to them. It keeps them comfy, cozy and happy. We can be assured that everyone is going to love this one.

In case of oversize, you could choose kaftans. They have always chosen comforts their most valuable feature. Their quality will attract a large number of loyal customers. You can get an extra-large size and go flaunt your new embroidery and patterns. The perfect one which keeps you tucked away from the scorching heat of sun and that trickling sweat, the one focused on keeping you cool.


Trends tend to add warmth to your dressing style, warmth along with a bold look. When it comes to trends, you need to look out for kaftan trends too, they are trendy in fashion and may dominate the other trends soon. Being comfortable and over sized acts in their favour. Place your order at the Miss Lavish London to get your dresses right away. Whether it’s a knee length dress which is to be paired with a coat or a kaftan. Both of them are available here and in various different colors. Choose from the best.

Know the dominating trends and be prepared for it. Nothing takes over for long. Predict styles and be the first one to hop on it.